Three Reasons A Job Placement Service Nets More Serious Candidates

When you want to get a job position filled, you want to get it filled with a serious applicant. Putting someone into a position long-term makes more sense for training purpose and is monetarily easier on the budget for the company. One of the issues that you may run into when looking to fill a position is that you will get candidates who are shopping around or looking for a short-term possibility. If you want to skip straight to getting serious committed candidates, here are three reasons to get a job placement service to fill your company's employment gaps. 

They already have candidates on the books

Placement services that operate as a temp agency already have employees that are on the rolls of the organization. This means that they are actively looking for work and full-time positions. The job placement service will also have complete information on the candidate's background and the type of work that they are looking for. The service can send you applicants they know properly match the mindset and resume that you are looking for. 

Background checks have been performed

Though background checks are necessary for new applicants at most businesses, your applicant will be pre-verified if they are coming from an employment agency. Employment matching agencies like to keep liability as low as possible, so applicants have a background check performed. Knowing that your applicants have a clean background and are ready to work makes the hiring process quicker and a little less expensive. Let the employment agency know what your qualifications are for your job so that they can do a preliminary check and send those who meet the mark. 

Position marketing is simpler

Often the human resources department will have to place advertisements in several different websites on the internet in order to garner interest from qualified applicants. This often means monitoring emails, calls, and faxes along with everyday human resources necessities. Depending on the market in the area, it may be several weeks to several months before finding someone who fits the bill for the job. Being able to streamline this process through an employer job placement program can cut the wait time. Many agencies have a pool of candidates from the general area and from nearby regions. This can bring in those who are outside of your marketing range but are a perfect fit for the position. 

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